29 SEPTEMBER, 2015

5 reasons why you should have a multilingual customer support center

Most of the companies who have call-centers for multinational audience rely on English of the 2-3 bigger Europen languages. However, it is a big mistake. If your customers came from world-wide directions it is really important for you staff to be prepared to them. Here are 5 reasons to persuade you about the importance of [...]

30 MAY, 2014

Why is it worth having online technical support?

Many companies make a mistake when they establish a call-center, but forget to think of technical support besides the normal customer’s helpdesk. Although, technical support seems complicated and difficult to arrange at the first sight, this kind of service has a lot of advantages. With a small investment, online technical support chat can save great [...]

28 MAY, 2014

How a good call center works – an operator’s perspective

How a good call center works – an operator’s perspective We are the people you almost never see. However, without sensationalizing our role, we are the heart of your call center. We give our voices, patience and power for your success and we all work together to fulfill your and your customer’s need. Please, take [...]

5 MAY, 2014

5 embarrassing situations in Call Centers and tips to avoid them

Although most call centers are organized well, there are situations which are very difficult to deal with. Even though some of them might seem funny at the first sight, these embarrassing moments can be very harmful for the company on the long run. Let’s see some moldy cases and some ways for avoiding them. 1. [...]