4 MARCH, 2014

Five mistakes to avoid in your customer support center

Today it is almost impossible to run a company without operating a contact center as well. Sometimes it is enough to keep a simple, but trustable one. A well organized call center is able to fulfill most of the company’s needs with a few members of well trained staff. However, there are some very important […]

25 FEBRUARY, 2014

Test your online customer support service

You might even have the best service which is available on the market of online customer support centers. However, it is still important to check your services regularly, especially if you would like to hold your position. Do not be afraid of calling your own live person chat support. Make sure that your customers are […]

20 FEBRUARY, 2014

How to maximize your profit by a call center

For many companies even a professional website is a large investment. For small businesses it is often seems to be unaffordable to establish and maintain a professional website which fulfills all the needs. Leaders of them might not even dare to think of having a sophisticated online customer support. However, with some clever tricks, a […]

18 FEBRUARY, 2014

Five alternative uses of call centers

When you invest a plenty of time and money into something, you certainly want to make the best out of it. This is also true for call centers. Let us to give you a few ideas for alternative uses of call-centers, with the help of which you will certainly increase your profit and save money. […]