29 SEPTEMBER, 2015

5 reasons why you should have a multilingual customer support center

Most of the companies who have call-centers for multinational audience rely on English of the 2-3 bigger Europen languages. However, it is a big mistake. If your customers came from world-wide directions it is really important for you staff to be prepared to them. Here are 5 reasons to persuade you about the importance of […]


30 MAY, 2014

Why is it worth having online technical support?

Many companies make a mistake when they establish a call-center, but forget to think of technical support besides the normal customer’s helpdesk. Although, technical support seems complicated and difficult to arrange at the first sight, this kind of service has a lot of advantages. With a small investment, online technical support chat can save great […]


28 MAY, 2014

How a good call center works – an operator’s perspective

How a good call center works – an operator’s perspective We are the people you almost never see. However, without sensationalizing our role, we are the heart of your call center. We give our voices, patience and power for your success and we all work together to fulfill your and your customer’s need. Please, take […]


5 MAY, 2014

5 embarrassing situations in Call Centers and tips to avoid them

Although most call centers are organized well, there are situations which are very difficult to deal with. Even though some of them might seem funny at the first sight, these embarrassing moments can be very harmful for the company on the long run. Let’s see some moldy cases and some ways for avoiding them. 1. […]


4 MARCH, 2014

Five mistakes to avoid in your customer support center

Today it is almost impossible to run a company without operating a contact center as well. Sometimes it is enough to keep a simple, but trustable one. A well organized call center is able to fulfill most of the company’s needs with a few members of well trained staff. However, there are some very important […]


25 FEBRUARY, 2014

Test your online customer support service

You might even have the best service which is available on the market of online customer support centers. However, it is still important to check your services regularly, especially if you would like to hold your position. Do not be afraid of calling your own live person chat support. Make sure that your customers are […]


20 FEBRUARY, 2014

How to maximize your profit by a call center

For many companies even a professional website is a large investment. For small businesses it is often seems to be unaffordable to establish and maintain a professional website which fulfills all the needs. Leaders of them might not even dare to think of having a sophisticated online customer support. However, with some clever tricks, a […]


18 FEBRUARY, 2014

Five alternative uses of call centers

When you invest a plenty of time and money into something, you certainly want to make the best out of it. This is also true for call centers. Let us to give you a few ideas for alternative uses of call-centers, with the help of which you will certainly increase your profit and save money. […]


17 FEBRUARY, 2014

Why is it worth to have a multilingual costumer support?

There is no doubt; a successful website requires a good, full-time online support system. Besides, many agrees, that having a multilingual website is also the key of success in sales. However, most of the service providers forgot to combine the advantages of these two; even though having a multilingual customer support is often the main […]

happy customer

12 FEBRUARY, 2014

Five Tips For a Better Customer Support

Establishing an online customer support system is not difficult in the age of modern technique. However, in business a satisfying solution is never enough. Here are five tips which make your call center the best one! 1. Know your customers Of course, you know who are aimed by your service. However, you might not know […]

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