5 embarrassing situations in Call Centers and tips to avoid them


Although most call centers are organized well, there are situations which are very difficult to deal with. Even though some of them might seem funny at the first sight, these embarrassing moments can be very harmful for the company on the long run. Let’s see some moldy cases and some ways for avoiding them.

1. "No hablo español…"- When the customer does not understand you

Getting a call from a customer, speaking a foreign language, is often a problem, especially when you have a multilingual website, but an English-only live online chat support. This can result in very grotesque cases and cause several misunderstandings – especially when the operator and the correspondent cannot find the common language.

How to avoid? If you have too many calls from foreign speakers, be suspicious and examine your website. Make sure that the language of the call-center is indicated clearly – even in the non-English versions of the portal. Some software detect the language of the user’s computer and browser automatically and might translate the texts automatically – causing the customer believe that the customer support chat functions in the given language too.

2. "I want your boss!" – when a customer gets violent

This case is well-known for operators of call-centers who deal with customers complaints. In many cases customers are desperate to get their problem solved and sometimes they lost their patience and empathy during the process. Sometimes they even have problems which are impossible to solve in a satisfying way: they misunderstood a point in the term, misused the product or simply did not pay attention to the rules. As a result of this, they might get violent, shout with the operators and want to „speak with the boss” – even if it is impossible for some reasons.

These types of cases are often ruining the moral of your staff and harm the company’s good name. Sometimes these problems can be very time-consuming, and costly to solve – especially when the staff does not manage to call-down the correspondent, and he tries to take legal actions.

How to avoid? The first and most important step is to give your customer support chat operators clear protocols. Tell them, in what way they are responsible for the customers’ needs and how far they can go to solve their problems. (E.g.: You can end up the call if the customer is violent with you personally. Or „Give the number of your boss immediately when it is demanded, and do not try to solve the conflict at this stage.) Next, make sure that your operators are good enough in stress management and able to give correct answers for the customer’s questions – it is vital to know, if the violence of a customer is due to the inconvenience of the operator or it has other reasons.

3. "Sorry, I cannot hear you." – the disabled customer

Having an online customer center is a very good way to make your supplies more accessible for the disabled. However, some calls might get uncomfortable, especially when the operators and devices are not ready for the demands of challenged customers.

How to avoid? Make sure that your online call center operators are trained to communicate with disabled people. Spend some time on discussing, how they can help visually impaired people to use your site or how they can effectively communicate with those, who live with other sensual or mental challenges. A clever policy making, and a little bit of patience will certainly help to find a polite, fast, effective way of communication.

4. "Excuse me, can you tell me how to clean my blouse?" – When the customer does not know where he is

The world of internet is still challenging for many users and some of them does not move confidently in the chaotic crowd of links, windows and buttons. It does not matter if you have customer support center, or simply an e-mail address to write on, you can almost be sure that you’ll get some inappropriate calls from customers who got lost in the network.

How to avoid? For first, and most important, make sure that your staff is prepared to these situations – and won’t make fun from the customer. If you have too many strange calls spend some time to investigate the cases. If they come regularly, you might have got cheated on. It worth to ask for help, and investigate it. It is also a good idea to check how these people can get into your system. This is quite an easy process: you should only check the statistics and the keywords which point to your site.

5. "Hello, it is Ben Affleck speaking" – Call from a celebrity

Celebrities, politicians and famous businessmen are humans too – therefore sometimes even they have some questions and need some help from some online customer support center. Of course, most of these people know all the behavioral rules and are very good customers. However, these situations are still very sensitive, as the operators gain an insight to a famous person’s private life and get to know things which should not be leaked.

How to avoid? Make sure that your staff is responsible enough to keep the private data in secret. Always warn your partners to treat private information carefully and not to give data out, and make sure that you have a strict privacy policy.

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