How a good call center works – an operator’s perspective


How a good call center works – an operator’s perspective

We are the people you almost never see. However, without sensationalizing our role, we are the heart of your call center. We give our voices, patience and power for your success and we all work together to fulfill your and your customer’s need. Please, take some times to read our advices and see your supplies form the view of your employees. I am sure we can give you a plenty of useful ideas.

Please, do not leave us among doubts

Being an online support chat operator means, the „using your common sense” is not an option when you are trying to solve a problem. When it comes to computer troubleshooting, for instance, it is very important to give an appropriate advice. When a friend asks you how to repair his overheating laptop, you might advise him to screw its back cover and clean it with a vacuum-cleaner. However, you can never give such an advice for the customer. What makes it even more complicated, that we have to give a meaningful answer for the correspondent’s call – so, “Sorry, I do not know, ask a mechanic.” is not acceptable either.

This is why it is very important not to leave as among doubts in different situations. A good, understandable policy, and a clear, easy-to-follow layout for the process of dealing with calls is an enormous help. It is very good to know, what are our duties and possibilities, when we are allowed to end up a call or when we shall give the case for an upper level of the company. This enables us to work faster and more confidently, and decreases the level of stress on the both ends of the line.

We work under pressure

Being a member of staff in a live customer support chat service is difficult job. Although it seems rather easy to answer questions, which are sometimes ridiculously simple, we work under pressure all the time. It can happen that the customer cannot explain his problem in the right way, become violent or simply has a bad day and the conversation runs out of our control.

Of course, we want to do our job with the maximum of efficiency and want to fulfill your needs completely. However, mistakes always happen, despite of all our good will. Working with an increased stress level makes it even more difficult to do our duties. Consequently, it helps a lot when you present us good work conditions.

Having a trustable technical background and clear rules to follow is more than enough. If we can share our experience and can regularly discuss what happened during our shift is even better. Moreover, we are very thankful If you give us some time to relax and rest a little bit. It is a very good idea if we can take regular pauses, and have the chance to enjoy a bit of silence during the day.

Motivation helps us

Nobody has ever dreamed of being an online support center operator ever. For many of us – although we do our best in this job – this is just a temporary stop in the carrier. With the greatest respect towards our job – being a simple operator is just a situation we somehow have to cope with. This often results in laziness and irresponsible attitude. However, with a bit of motivation, you can get an outstandingly excellent work from us.

It is very good to feel that we are important parts of the company’s team and we are parts of the success too. It is also very good f we are offered some opportunities to move forward. Do not forget us when you need new members of staff. Take into consideration that we know your company well and we have excellent communication skills.

Outsourcing? Not a bad idea…

If you feel that establishing a good online customer center is too above your limits, than do not hesitate to give it into the hands of an expert. Do not be afraid of letting these things out of your hands. Running a good customer support system is also a kind of business, so the companies who offer this kind of service are interested in the common success too. This guarantees that they provide you the same quality of service as you would organize; however, with far less tiresome work from your side. Call center outsourcing is only an easy, practical solution which makes your life easier.

Whether it is you who organizes the online customer support system or someone does it for you, do not hesitate to contact us and spend time on sharing the opinions of each other. When we can develop a good partnership you’ll gain a smoothly working, trustable customer support system with polite, durable staff – good both for your company and for your own comfort.

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