Five alternative uses of call centers


When you invest a plenty of time and money into something, you certainly want to make the best out of it. This is also true for call centers. Let us to give you a few ideas for alternative uses of call-centers, with the help of which you will certainly increase your profit and save money.

Test your customers

Online customer support centers offer a very good way to profile your customers. Do not hesitate to tell your customer support chat operators to ask a few questions from the customers, like “what kind of internet access you have” or “how long have you been our customers”. Of course, there is a limit in the number of questions (if you ask too much you can easily make your customer impatient), and you have to keep an eye on the actual regulations about using personal data and privacy policies. However, it is still a cheap and efficient way to be informed about who your customers really are.

Improve your website

With the help of getting data from your online customer support center you can also improve your website. The only thing you have to do is to follow what questions arisen when the customers talked to the operators.

In today’s competing world, it is very important to have clear messages on your websites. Even the smallest uncertainness in a text can turn off your customers – and not all of them are patient enough to turn to your call center: the majority leaves the website and searches for new supplier. That is why it worth to revise your website using the experience you gained from your call center.

Give instructions to your live person support chat operators and ask them to collect in what themes your customers turn to them. This is going to give you some very useful ideas to improve the website. Use these when it comes to composing marketing texts and putting notifications on your site. This prevents you from using customers and money because of a too complicated and hardly understandable web-content.

Make your website accessible for disabled

The world of web means enormous challenge for people, living with disabilities. Of course, technique provides several opportunities to make a website accessible even for the visually improved. However, there are still many problems which cannot be solved – even with the best software-background.

With a bit of attention, an online call center can easily be a guide of disabled people when they use your website. If you have a live person support chat, make sure that the online platform is clearly visible and legible for the most common screen-reading software and notify your disabled visitors that they can contact the operators when they are having trouble in using the site. The next step is to teach your operators about serving people with special needs.

Complete your supplies

There are several cases, when customers require personalized solutions. From putting together and designing a new computer configuration to find the best software for a certain kind of job, there are several cases, when people would need the help of professionals.

If the staff of your online customer support center is well trained and educated, you can easily turn your live support chat into a personalized designer team. Let the customers to contact your online support chat for personalized offers and give a protocol to your operator with which they can fulfill these demands.

Avoid legal actions

There some regrettable cases, when customers feel it important to take legal actions against your company. Many of these cases, however, could be avoided with a little bit of attention.
In some cases the only reason of customers turning to official authorities is only that they feel they cannot find the company with their complaints.

A call center is a good way to prevent these unpleasant cases. If you always have someone online, you can make sure that your customers find a quick treatment for their problems. In many cases, it is enough to calm them and see how you can compensate each other. In more complicated cases it is also a good thing, because you can easily get informed about the problem, and can take the necessary steps before everything gets out of your control.

Of course, to get the most out of it, you have to keep your eyes on the call center regularly. It is very important to connect to the leaders of it and consult with the operators regularly. It is a good idea to educate your staff and give them opportunities to move forward in your company. Even when your call center is outsourced, you can gain several good ideas from your staff. It is also highly recommended to share your own thoughts with the organizers. This can double the profit of both of you.

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