Five mistakes to avoid in your customer support center


Today it is almost impossible to run a company without operating a contact center as well. Sometimes it is enough to keep a simple, but trustable one. A well organized call center is able to fulfill most of the company’s needs with a few members of well trained staff. However, there are some very important rules to keep, and some big mistakes which you should be aware of.

Mistake No. 1: Being offline

If you offer a live online chat support, it is very important to be online - at least at the rush-hours of visitors. If you organize a live online support chat, you should make sure that you are able to provide live help at most of the time. Websites with an offline chat operator seem to be inactive - which usually turns off the visitors.

Mistake No. 2: Having irresponsible staff

It is very important to select chat operators carefully. There is nothing more disappointing for customers than meeting with impolite or unprepared customer support chat operators. Found the best people for the operator-positions. Make sure that they have the right personality and the satisfying level of technical knowledge. Employing well-prepared and patient operators in charge makes it easier to meet with customer’s demands.

Mistake No. 3: Low-estimation of number of customers

It often happens that companies underestimate the number of customers, especially when they base the size of the online call center on the number of calls which they formerly received in their traditional, phone based supporting system. An online chat support is easier to use for the customers since they are able to reach it directly from the website. They do not have to search for their phones and dial numbers - they can reach you by only a few clicks. Consequently, you’ll need to be prepared, that after switching to the online system, the number of incoming calls is going to rise.

Mistake No. 4: Having poor technical background

An online customer support chat, especially when it is a voiced or a video one requires a strong technical background. Some companies rely on normal desktop configurations. However, computers and internet accesses, which are suitable for average tasks in an office might not always strong enough to meet the system requirements of support, chat. Always make sure that your internet access is strong enough and the stability of your system is granted.

Mistake No. 5: Language difficulties

Many of the call center establishers tend to forget that many of the customers face with language difficulties. It often happens that the website itself is translated into several languages; however, the customer service or the customer support chat operates only in one of these. In these cases it is very important to highlight that the support chat is not multilingual and it is very important to list the languages which are spoken in the center. However, the best solution is to have a multilingual chat.
Organizing an online customer support center might seem to be complicated.

However, there are a plenty of helpful solutions now. Take your time to read around and check for tricks and ideas and do not hesitate to contact professionals if you feel unsure, and do not be afraid of call center outsourcing as well. Nevertheless, do not stop of the first tumblers. A good call center helps you to maximize the profit of your company.

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