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Five Tips For a Better Customer Support


Establishing an online customer support system is not difficult in the age of modern technique. However, in business a satisfying solution is never enough. Here are five tips which make your call center the best one!

1. Know your customers

Of course, you know who are aimed by your service. However, you might not know who your customers really are. Spend a little time on skimming through the statistics of your site and the existing list of your successful sales. It is also a good idea to put some small polls on your online surfaces and read the results. Focus on the following: what language do your costumers most confidently speak? Do they have high-level computer knowledge? What kind of goods and services interest them the most? Where are they come from? These factors can be included in the planning of the chat support and help you to find the best solution.

2. Make a list of possible questions

Sit down and think over what are the possible questions which might arise. Think of even the woodiest ones, and make a list of them. This is going to help when you choose and train your customer service chat operators. If, for example, most of the questions are related to service and shipping cost, you won’t need dozens of professional technical in charge all the time – one or two in every shift is enough.

3. Design your surface

Most companies fail to insert the customer support chat seamless onto the design of their website. Do not make this mistake. Take some time on designing the online surface of the customer support too. Ask your web designer and programmer for tips or check other website to find out the best solution. If possible, take some time on testing different ways and organizations on your existing webpage. Look for practical, understandable, easy-to-use solutions.

4. Live person chat? Give an alternative

Live person customer support chat is an easy and flexible way of dealing with customers problems. However, not all the users in all locations have the chance to use a voice or video service. Make sure that they have alternatives like a regular, phone based customer support service or a textual chat box. Do not rely on voiced and video services only.

5. Consider call center outsourcing

Of course it is very difficult to pay attention to your call center – especially when you have other tasks to solve. However, a good system requires regular development and maintenance. If you feel that this is too much for you, do not hesitate to find someone who takes care for the chat support. Call center outsourcing means that your customer support is organized and controlled by a company which is specialized on this sort of services.

+1. Maintain your service

It does not matter whether you organize the service or you decide to outsource it, maintenance is very important. Do not hesitate to make regular test calls, read the comments of the visitors and, if possible, consult with your operators. Do not forget: a good customer service is sometimes a key factor in remaining standing in the competing world.

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