How to maximize your profit by a call center


For many companies even a professional website is a large investment. For small businesses it is often seems to be unaffordable to establish and maintain a professional website which fulfills all the needs. Leaders of them might not even dare to think of having a sophisticated online customer support. However, with some clever tricks, a live customer support chat can be the most beneficial investment for the company too.

No need to seem small

In today’s competing world a good marketing is vital for everyone. Of course, all internet-based stores, supplies, businesses start with a good website and the clever planning of the online presence. Some of the companies, however, forget the importance of being not only usable, but also charming. Their online presence is characterized by a free-sample website, a home-made Facebook-page, and some DIY web2.0 profiles. Despite of being sometimes really good, and well organized, these companies simply get lost in the crowd of information: they are too difficult to be found and too ordinary to be remembered.
Running a business online has several advantages. One of the biggest of these is that it does not matter how big your company is. It is almost unnecessary how many employees and orders you have till everything runs smooth. This is why you should not think small, even when it comes to web design. Do not let your website to mirror the size of your company. Take some time and money to organize a professional system and do not be afraid to bring your ideas in front. This is what makes you outstanding and successful among those with the similar profile.

Call center which makes you unique

Most of the smaller companies have difficulties in answering custmers’ questions and reflect on their problems. Of course, most websites enable to users to ask questions – either on a separate surface or through a given e-mail or messenger address. However, even if these are administered and answered regularly, they are not the best solutions.

As many companies offer the same supplies, time plays a large role when it comes to competition. Prices, delivery times and shipping costs are often given and cannot be changed. What makes the difference is how reachable the company is. If one manages to dissolve all the doubts of the customers quickly and can persuade him personally, he certainly wins the battle.

In these cases a well-reachable, quick and professional customer support center is vital. Fortunately, internet offers a large number of possibilities for fast, reliable and cost-efficient solution. Embedded messenger panels, chat-servers and forum-modules can offer a wide palette of communication platforms. However, setting up the service physically does not necessarily mean instant success.

A good call center does not only stand from the necessary software. Human-knowledge is also a key factor. A live online customer support requires a highly trained staff and a well organized human background too. (For tips and tricks please see „how a good call center works)

Double benefit

Having a good customer support chat does not only give you the advantage of being fast. It also reduces your communication cost – sometimes dramatically. Live chat programs give you cost efficient communication platforms, reduce the number of unsatisfied customers and helps to shorten administration-times.
Live person customer support offers you the opportunity to have a 24/7 hotline without the necessity of having a physical phone-line. Most of your needs can be fulfilled by a regular internet connection and a regular PC, without the need of any special equipment. These types of call centers can also be outsourced, which – according to your needs – can also reduce the costs.

Moreover, offering a direct help to your customers in a fast, efficient way reduces the number of dissatisfied clients. If they can ask questions and ensure their decisions personally before the order, they are less likely to ask for refund, compensation and replacement of the product and they will not be involved into unnecessary debates. This spares you time and money at the same time.

Besides, on-line call centers help you to get information from the customer fast, which enables you to prepare for the necessary administration and to deal with problems which might arise (e.g. when the wares have to be shipped overseas, or when your partner is in a distant location.)

As it might be clear from the things above, online customer support centers offer you double advantages. On one hand they boost your marketing; on the other hand they reduce your cost when it comes to dealing with customer problems. That is why we highly recommend you to take some time, and try to organize a system for you.

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