2 JANUARY, 2014

Tips to win customers for your online business

In today’s rushing world selling products on the internet generates an intensive competition between sellers and service providers. This has made it clear that a single, well designed webpage is not the key of success, but only the first, basic step towards running a successful business. Those who want to gain a leading position in […]

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24 DECEMBER, 2013

How to turn your online visitors to potential buyers

Customers tend to buy products online when are satisfied and confident about each and every detail they want to know. To turn your visitors into potential customers, you should therefore give them something extra that will compel them to go ahead and make a sale. That something extra is giving them a facility of solving […]


21 AUGUST, 2013

Mechanisms for interacting with customers

Different customer care channels for conversion Every professional seller knows that he must know his clients for making successful sales. In order to know other people, the professional must talk, speak, and communicate with his customers in the nicest way possible. He must do it so because in that way he will generate trust with […]


25 JULY, 2013

Interacting with the customer: to convert

Interacting with the customer in order to convert More than three quarter parts of electronic commerce customers have some kind of doubt when making a purchase. Out of them, many don’t buy anything. And others do. If many users of an ecommerce website don’t become customers it is because they need “something else”, and online […]


11 JULY, 2013

Strategies on prices selling more in electronic commerce

Ecommerce sites are managed by product selling companies that plan their online business according to different environment strategies. Once they manage to get a potential customer to access their website, it’s the online shop manager that has the need to offer his client a series of competitive advantages in order to establish a differentiation between […]

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