22 MAY, 2013

One hour is too much time for an Ecommerce website

One hour is too long to respond The communication between sellers and customers have some peculiarities in the analysis of electronic commerce. Traditionally, Spain has achieved some experience in e-commerce , the online stores users have had to use external mechanisms to solve a communicative interaction with the sales representative. In a traditional store ,we […]


8 MAY, 2013

Minister of industry congratulates the shop expert and other entrepreneurs

Founders of The Shop Expert, company located in Vicálvaro Enterprises breeding ground, saluted yesterday, March the 8th, 2013, the Minister of Industry, José Manuel Soria, and also the Mayor of the Madrid City Hall, Ana Botella, in occasion of the presentation of the ‘Emprender Online’ system, a system used to make bureaucratic procedures for creating […]


30 APRIL, 2013

Customer service, you need a rigorous schedule

A rigorous schedule is very important for the customer care service The rigorousness of customer service schedule is extremely important, users and customers of all sorts of products and services, work based on expectations. The good or bad results and the potential utility of it, is the key in making decisions about to buy or […]


23 APRIL, 2013

Generating leads is simple for commercial merchants

Generating leads with a commercial customer care One of the most reflecting points – and what most headaches is causing lately- for many online stores managers, from web shops of all sectors, is the lead generation. In other words, electronic merchants are finding some difficulties when getting to know their visitors, their potential clients and […]


12 APRIL, 2013

E-Commerce entrepeneurship, first steps (Second edition)

First steps to start in E-Commerce Sugerendo, a company specialized in Digital Market Analysis and Online Strategies Planning, brings us the second edition of the ‘Ecommerce Entrepeneurship, First Steps’ conferences. For this event they count with the collaboration of The Shop Expert and ‘their home’, the Vicálvaro Enterprises breeding ground of the Emprende network in […]


9 APRIL, 2013

Convert your visitors with customer care

Customer service to sell more online Since years ago eCommerce businesses face a wider variety and quantity of mechanisms to relate with their customers. Companies find a challenge when developing effective online strategies, which allows them to reach every potential customer, wherever they are. Attracting visits cost a lof of money and effort Developing online […]


20 MARCH, 2013

Outsourcing in electronic commerce

Outsourcing systems, processes and customer relationships in ecommerce Outsourcing sales is an activity usually perceived in eCommerce markets. Most companies, for example, are listed in online sales product and service portals, content aggregators in which the only differentiating factor is a number: the price. That outsourcing way is one of the easiest to perceive on […]


22 JANUARY, 2013

‘Click to chat’ solves anomalous situations

Som online sotre anomalies are solved by clicking the ‘click to the chat’ button It happens in many occasions that online commerce website users found themselves with problems or issues when trying to complete their purchases and become customers on visiting online stores. Normally, these anomalous situations can be solved by using a Click to […]


10 JANUARY, 2013

Lost sales due to lack of customers care

Lost sales due to lack of advising Besides the lack of clear and visible information that users find – or not – on online stores, one of the essential factors for losing potential sales materialized in cart abandoning) in electronic commerce is the incompetence of counting on a effective customer support channel Online businesses have […]

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