20 DECEMBER, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

All the staff at The Shop Expert wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. In order to facilitate online shopping during this period as well as next year, our expert online assistants will keep taking care of users of our clients’ webpages with all the possible love and dedication. Best gift are […]


12 NOVEMBER, 2012

Market Analysis: The key to success for your online store

Market analysis, the key for not failin before setting up your online store Would you auto medicate without knowing what disease you have? Let’s go a little farther… Would you go into a surgery room without having a certain diagnose? Then, why do you think you can set up an online store without having done […]


10 OCTOBER, 2012

Lack of customer service in online stores

It is difficult to catch potential clients All online stores have visitors; however there are great differences in volume from one to each other. As differences rise between a physical store located on a big typically centric commercial street and another located in a narrow street on the outskirts, store positioning is something very relevant […]


3 OCTOBER, 2012

Outsource chat without hassle

Only with The Shop Expert. ¿Why? Because we simply put at your disposal expert people capable of boosting your online store sales and provoking an effective increase of your website’s conversion rate. In short, this is done by attending and advising your customers in real time, solving their doubts and questions and getting each visit […]


24 SEPTEMBER, 2012

Ecomm&beers nomination madrid 2012

1ST Ecomm&beers award nomination for the best new ecommerce project Some days ago we were informed that BrainSins is organizing the 1st eComm&Beers Madrid Award for the best new eCommerce project event. For the occasion, they will count on the inestimable help from Comerkia, StarUP Spain, Paypal, Correos, Vodafone, Loogic, Sala Camon, Abanlex, Ydral, and […]


31 AUGUST, 2012

Apple focuses on online attention

Apple implements an interactive chat to bring customer service to its clients Less than a hundred of hours passed that Apple put at their clients’ (users of their devices and hardware) disposal an interactive chat to attend doubts and questions that may arise using their devices in real time. Any Apple user knows about the […]


28 AUGUST, 2012

Measures for avoiding VAT impact on your sales

Boost your sales in spite of vat In a matter of few months all merchants had to change their price tags a couple of times, getting to raise prices up to 5% – in most of the products, those who were taxed up to 16%, remember?. On the other hand, it is an effect which […]


23 AUGUST, 2012

Chat outsourcing for satisfying customers

Chat Outsourcing. Boost your business The essence of taking care of online customers through a real time chat resides on the speed of giving answers to diverse questions, thanks to contacting visitors, specifically, with a company’s representative. A company can value hiring a person that works as a their online assistant and can also think […]


7 AUGUST, 2012

Serve your online clients in august

Attention to Client Customer service on vacation season August is a typical vacation month. However, many of us haven’t left our workplace, and on the other side, lucky people who are enjoying their vacations don’t stop consuming. Therefore, online sales keep growing in august. Even though shopping during vacations seem to be mainly offline, the […]


31 JULY, 2012

Raise your sales with your online assistant

An expert online assistant sells more An online assistant can look after your online store clients through a chat platform installed in your own website. Of course, he or she can talk to them and tell them which product is more convenient or which one solves current potential client’s specific needs. Expert online shop assistant […]

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