25 JULY, 2012

Mobile shopping on the rise

Mobile technology (phones, smartphones and tablets) is becoming of special importance in the field of electronic commerce. Every time, a larger number of online purchases are made from these mobile devices. In the US, according to a latest IBM study, they have overcome the 15% of the total purchases made on web stores. It can […]


18 JULY, 2012

Why an online shop assistant

Every time more people are making their purchases online, turning the web environment a great field of opportunity for commercial business managers. However, your clients clearly have a permanent need: customized attention and advising. Clients found themselves indecisive in many occasions. Although there are many reasons, a relevant one is the perceived difficulty by the […]


5 JULY, 2012

Outsource your chat and boost your business

Commercial business managers have their doubts about the effectiveness of utilizing a customer care service brought by expert people from outside their payroll. Actually, to put in practice a chat outsourcing service is, before or later, very profitable. Why? Saving costs Outsourcing a chat service supposes for the online store a benefit coming from the […]


19 JUNE, 2012

Advicing customers efficiently

There is a mean of communication that is effective, and above that, efficient on relating with clients and for converting visitors into customers: chat. Being one of the few means that allow real time communications, chat has four essential advantages over any other communication means. INTEGRITY On the first place, chat makes integrated communications possible. […]


13 JUNE, 2012

Internet contributes a lot to our gdp

From the over 23 billion Euros that Internet generated in Spain during last year (estimated by WSI, online marketing specialist) almost 160 million belong to electronic commerce. It is also estimated that this amount can triple itself on the next three years (data coincidental with studies made by Google). OUR SMBS NEED TO IMPROVE ON […]


5 JUNE, 2012

Many shop carts are getting abandoned

Electronic commerce shows an able to be improved behavior on the field of customers abandoning their shop carts. Indeed the abandoning rate in online commerce is marked around 66%. And besides that on the other side, conversion rates are kept low and barely overcome the 2%. Motives of the shop cart abandoning in online stores […]


4 JUNE, 2012

During crisis, online commerce has doubled

As shown in this article from ‘El Economista’ newspaper, electronic commerce enables the absolute control of the items for distributors and manufacturers. This is one of the possible causes that made Nacho Somalo claim that ‘online commerce has doubled since crisis happened. Spain has 11 million online buyers, and the areas that are experiencing the […]


28 MAY, 2012

Ecommerce overtakes traditional commerce

Some days ago we read about the reflections published by Enrique Martinez on his blog from the “Expansion” National Economic Newspaper about the relative growth of electronic commerce over traditional commerce as well as its potential complementarity, which in his opinion may present itself. We leave you below the original quote that could be found […]


3 MAY, 2012

Boots of online customer care shopping

Some days ago we have echoed that online shopping hasn’t stopped growing. On one hand, it is because large traditional stores, and also other smaller ones, have started using Internet and now they have more sales. On the second place, it is because people with reduced budgets have seen and see the feasibility of opening […]


24 APRIL, 2012

Essential effects of a chat in your online store

On this post we are going to focus on offering objective data which should encourage you, if you have an online store, to relate with your customers through an online chat in real time, something simple and affordable with The Shop Expert. More than half of the possible customers that visit an online store finish […]

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