Test your online customer support service


You might even have the best service which is available on the market of online customer support centers. However, it is still important to check your services regularly, especially if you would like to hold your position. Do not be afraid of calling your own live person chat support. Make sure that your customers are treated well.

Is everything running smooth?

Although everyone tries to make the best out of the existing techniques, there are a plenty of problems, which can occur and go unnoticed. Of course there are several factors which influence the technical quality of the online call center. There might be a problem in the network, incompatibility of devices or some simple bugs in the system on the user’s site. These problems can easily be noticed if you call your own call center regularly. Do not be afraid of contacting you live person chat support when, for example, you get a new PC or just install a new kind of browser. Note the problems, list the most important details, and report it to your operators. This does not require too much energy or time from you, but helps a lot in improving your service.

Is your staff up-to-date?

Are there any new points in the terms and services? Any new goods in your web shop? Changes in the shipping cost? Make sure that your staff knows about them. It is a good idea to make fake calls whenever there is something new in the system, and check if your live person chat operators know about it.

Are all the operators friendly?

The personality of customer support chat operators is a very important factor in the efficiency of the system. It is also a good idea to check if they treat the customers in a friendly, responsible and patient way. Call them regularly and ask even complicated or tricky questions to test if they can cope with the stress and the impatience of the callers.

It is not only about testing the atmosphere of the online customer support. Sometimes this method provides very important information about the logistics of call-center. In many cases, staff is stressed because of too many incoming calls, to long hours of work or simply solvable technical problems. Do not hesitate to contact the chief operators, inform them about the incidents, and try to find a solution together.

Is your service customer friendly?

It is highly recommended to ask a friend or a family member to check the supplies of the service. This is a good way to see how customer-friendly your online customer support center is. A third-eye perspective, the opinion of someone who did not take part in organizing the system or does not know the company is very helpful to find out the possible mistake of the call center.

Never be afraid of being too friendly or too simple – customers are – in most cases – not professionals. All they want is a clearly running, fast and responsible service, and they do not like wasting time on something complicated or too formal. Check a customer’s opinion here.

Let the information flow

Make sure that your staff knows that you keep an eye on their work. Do not be afraid to tell them your opinion and always hear theirs too. Sometimes the biggest problems are caused because of good will, like „I do not disturb my boss with technical problems.” or „I do not want to disturb they guys with all the newsletters of the company. These are serious mistakes, since call center is in the facade of your company – sometimes the first and only thing with which your customers meet.

Even if your call center is outsourced, it is very useful to talk to the leaders of your call-center regularly. Do not be afraid of sharing your ideas, problems and demands to them and ask about their opinions regularly. This guarantees that you get a high quality service and your operators are able to work in a smooth and easy way.

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