5 reasons why you should have a multilingual customer support center


Most of the companies who have call-centers for multinational audience rely on English of the 2-3 bigger Europen languages. However, it is a big mistake. If your customers came from world-wide directions it is really important for you staff to be prepared to them. Here are 5 reasons to persuade you about the importance of multilingual online customer support.

1. English is not the above-all language yet

Although most of the computer-literate world understand English at least a basic level, many of the users – especially those who are coming from non-European countries – have great difficulties in understanding complicated sentences. Someties they not understsnd clearly the process of ordering or other points of the terms and services. These simple questions would be easy to answer by a call center.However if the two partners do not have a common languages which both of them can clearly understand, having an online customer support is like water off the duck's back. Despite of operting a costy, well organized service, you are going to lose plenty of potentitial customers.

2. Having multilingual online customer support center is a good marketing

Having a live online customer support center is a godsend when it comes to discussing the marketing of the company (Link to the maximizing your profit article). Having a multilingual online chat support is even better. If your site and your call center is available in different languages, you can reach a lot more people than with a standard, English-only website. This is sometimes vital in the competiton on the market.

3. Speaking their languages is a key to customers’ heart

Customers, especially when they are private persons (link to the customer-perspective article) like to feel that they are treat personally. If they feel themselves importan, it is far easier to co-operate with them, even in case of debate. If you speak a common language, then it is far important to persuade them about your good will, and easier to make them understand your point of view.

4. Less debate, bigger success

If you make sure that your customers are able to understand you, than you can avoid misunderstandings and debates which slow down your business and harm your company’s good name. If you have too many non-English visitors , then consider to introduce a new language into the service. It pays on the long run.

5. It is not more complicated than a normal call center.

Of course it is not easy to organize a multilingual live chat support. It is extremely difficult to find the suitable staff and the way they chat operators can co-operate to get the best out of the service.

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